[lug] BLUG 99 CU Linux Installfest

Ralf Mattes rm at ns.aura.de
Tue Nov 9 10:13:58 MST 1999

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Michael J. Pedersen wrote:

> That would, most likely, be me.  I've got a few files which I've worked on in
> the past which can be used to show some of the power of what can be done.  I'm
> a big proponent of the whole thing.  Though I'm starting to look at SGML and
> DocBook now, too.  Just wish I could get that book on it this week.

It's online, just in case you need it soon. I use DocBook a lot for
our software manuals--it's nice to be able to produce HTML for online
manuals as well as TeX (for printout) and RTF (for the treanslators,
sigh) with one tool from one source.


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