[lug] HeathKit--linux

Rob Mohr robmohr at springs.earthnet.net
Tue Nov 9 08:48:45 MST 1999


Some of the older members may remember the old HeathKit catalogue
from the '60s.  (I can barely remember seeing one; did not build a stereo
amp as I was too little at the time.)  

May I use one or two resources to build a linux box from parts?  That is
does an O'Reiley style book exist?  Or may I go to a web resource that has
a step by step cookbook style instructions?  

I know that all the info I prolly need is in the HOWTOs but that data is
usually in the context of already having hardware in the form of a PC.  I
guess the nearest analogy that I can bring forth is the funky VW Repair
book by Mueller.  It has step by step instructions for novice VW repairs
and rebuilds.  

Of course, maybe this is not a good idea for me to pursue and I should
just stick with playing cards.  (My skill set includes knowing how to
swing a hamnmer, drive nails, concrete mixes, multi-meter stuff, welding,
math, and some sports activities. And I have a tool kit with screw
drivers and sockets.)

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