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Your Cisco 675 has is your gateway and it has the IP of 190.  I believe it
is in routing mode.    Good luck with US west.  I hated their service and
switched my ISP over to PrivateI/Interlink who have been more than helpful
on all issues and so far I have experienced 0 down time.  A new ISP means
you dont have to deal with US west tech support and this is a good thing...

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Greetings all,

I thought I'd ask some where where people know what's going on and
respond, rather than the "24 hour" turnaround USWest help dept.

Here's my question.

I got a block of static IP numbers from US West and am trying to figure out
thing.  They gave me a set that they defined as follows:

Of your 8 leased addresses, 3 are reserved for the network and 5 are
for you to assign to individual PCs, routers, or servers.  The 8
addresses you leased are as follows and will need to be assigned in the
IP Address field of each clients/hosts TCP/IP stack:

        xx.xxx.x19.184  This is the network identifier.
        xx.xxx.x19.185  User assignable.
        xx.xxx.x19.186  User assignable.
        xx.xxx.x19.187  User assignable.
        xx.xxx.x19.188  User assignable.
        xx.xxx.x19.189  User assignable.
        xx.xxx.x19.190  This is used for routing.
        xx.xxx.x19.191  This address is for broadcasts.

You will need to make the following configuration changes to your TCP/IP
stacks on the machines that you assign the previous addresses to: Subnet Mask
        xx.xxx.x19.190  Default Gateway   Primary DNS    Secondary DNS

(I added the x's myself)

My question are these:  Is the 190 IP, which is used for routing, the
address of the DSL modem, or is it the IP of the WAN side?  Also, is
the modem in bridging mode?

Thanks in advance for any help.


 Chip Atkinson
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