[lug] Compaq Smart-2 Array with Redhat 6.1 is super slow.

Gary Masters gmasters at devcg.denver.co.us
Tue Nov 9 16:35:11 MST 1999

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999 cstpierre at gilead.com wrote:

> Thank you for your help.  I found the problem that was slowing down the
> system.  It wasn't the array driver like I thought it was.  The memory was
> showing up as 14MB when the actual size is about 160MB.  I put a append
> ="mem=160M" into my lilo.conf and it was became speedy like it should be.
> Thanks Gary.

I had that problem as well on the Proliant.  The system has 768 MB of
memory, and the kernel found 14 MB.  I knew something was wrong when
the install process wanted to add swap space due to low memory.

We've had far better luck, over all, using HP systems as Linux
servers.  The LH3 and LH4 are very nice.  The built in RAID controller
is nice and the system and RAID are configurable through typical
PC BIOS rather than the Compaq way.

  Gary Masters
  gmasters at devcg.denver.co.us

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