[lug] DSL static IP question

Pedersen, Michael J PederMJ at LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM
Wed Nov 10 11:26:00 MST 1999

Thank you for that info.  Unfortunately, I never had thought of doing such a
solution, so was kind of stuck with the bridging solution.  Once I get the
chance to go back to DSL, I'll go back to the PtP routing.  But alternate
solutions are always a good thing to have :)

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> You can also get around the Point-To-Point routing problem by setting
> the firewall machine( the one with two eth cards) up for routing and
> using "arp" to channel packets through for machines behind 
> the firewall.
> You basically plug the DSL into one eth card, the hub into the other,
> then set up routing to recognize that some packets on the 
> subnet should
> be routed to the frii gateway (outbound). At this point, you have half
> of a working solution, you can get packets out from the 
> subnet, but they
> don't know how to come back in, cause the machines on the 
> subnet cannot
> hear frii's router arp requests. 

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