[lug] external modem configuration

KELLEY SCOTT T kelleys at ucsu.Colorado.EDU
Wed Nov 10 11:09:33 MST 1999

I was wondering if anyone could help me to set up my external modem. The
modem is plugged into a serial port and using windows I
find it under COM2. I've tried linking to the tty devices for COM1 and COM
2 but the kppp utility still can't find the modem. Does anyone know what
the problem might be? Is there a quick way to use linux to find out what
device I should link to (i.e. find where the modem is)?

Thanks for any help you can give me. -Scott

Scott T. Kelley, Ph.D.			E-mail: Scott.Kelley at Colorado.edu
Dept. MCD Biology			Phone : 303-735-1808
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