[lug] CU Install Fest

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Wed Nov 10 18:35:53 MST 1999

Ed Meyer wrote:
> When Loki spoke to the CLUE group he gave out some demos of Myth2.  
> Does anyone have  one of those we could make copies of or have a 
> machine running any of these.  All three work very well under linux 
> with a Voodoo or TNT card.

I did get a demo copy of Myth II/Soulblighter at Scott's presentation.
Unfortunately, I have neither a Voodoo or TNT card and have not gotten
it to run on my machine.  I thought Scott said that it was designed to
use the Voodoo glide stuff exclusively.

Glenn, if you're waiting on more copies from Loki, I'd be happy to give
you mine tomorrow night as long as I could get it (or another copy) back
on the 20th.

Lynn Danielson

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