[lug] BLUG 99 CU Linux Installfest

John Edwards harkerii at sprintmail.com
Wed Nov 10 18:30:43 MST 1999

At 05:26 PM 11/8/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Do you multi-boot all of these on one machine?  If so which
>boot-loader do you use please?

	I don't know if this was directed at the membership at large, or at one
person, but I'll put in my .02¢.
	I multi-boot to DOS 6.2 (for old games), WinNT Server 6.0 (for study),
Win98 (for new games) and RedHat 6.0.
	In order to get all these to work together, I use System Commander.  I
think it's been the most reliable, and worthwhile investment as far as
software goes.

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