[lug] VA laptop question

Charles Morrison cmorrison at info2000.net
Wed Nov 10 21:50:05 MST 1999

On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, you wrote:
> The Vaios are ones that I found interesting, but as I recall they
> need the port-replicator for most external connections (serial,
> floppy), and I end up using the serial port a LOT.  I like that
> the 570 is very light, but if you need CD, Floppy/LS120, and/or
> hard-drive or battery, you can snap on the "base" which makes it
> the equivalent of the 7-pound 700-series (in weight and function).
> Sean

I tend to carry all that stuff around with me, never know when you'll need a
floppy... I think I'll leave the base at home from now on though. Feels like
more than seven pounds.

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