[lug] What is the best browser for linux?

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed Nov 10 16:51:23 MST 1999

Thus spoke cstpierre at gilead.com
> I am currently running RedHat 6.1 and using the Netscape browser.  Is it
> just me or do the Linux fonts look like #$@#?  Is there any better internet
> browser out there?

Fonts on Unix systems (including Linux) work a little different than other
OS's.  In general, the stock fonts (those delivered with your Linux
distribution) are pretty limited.  You can add Adobe Type 1 fonts fairly
easily.  True Type fonts will also work, but you need to install a font
server to use those.  

After the fonts are installed Netscape can use them easy enough.

Best browser?  On Linux, the only graphical browser thats worth anything is
Netscape.  Others will say things like Lynx or Emacs or whatever, but those
aren't what I call user friendly tools.  I don't know if Opera is ported to
Linux yet, but the last version I saw didn't handle HTML 4.0 correctly.

Then again, asking which browser is best is like asking whether vi or emacs
is better.  Its a rather personal choice.
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