[lug] Why no font resize in Netscape? [was: What is the best browser fo r linux?]

Harris, James A (Jim) HarriJA at LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM
Thu Nov 11 16:48:09 MST 1999

So, this brings to mind an old question I've had... why does the Linux
Netscape have the Increase Fonts and Decrease Fonts options grayed out under
the view menu?  I've found these functions especially handy under Windows
due to the high resolutions I use on relatively small monitors (darn
employer won't buy good monitors... grumble, grumble...)  I'd love to see it
under Linux too, specially since many of the fonts come out rather small in
the first place.


On Wed, Nov 10, 1999 at 06:14:57PM -0800, Jeffrey B. Siegal wrote:
>Generally agreed, but I've noticed that the fonts used by the X-based
>Red Hat 6.1 installer are actually quite nice.  If somehow we could
>figure out how to get it to look at nice the rest of the time...

Running a true-type font server can really help the apperance of
applications.  Redhat 6.0 I believe started coming with that standard,
and KRUD 6.0 has included a bunch of publicly-available true-type fonts.
I would hope that RedHat 6.1 has taken it further.


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