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Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Thu Nov 11 22:48:17 MST 1999

Thus spoke Harris, James A
> So, this brings to mind an old question I've had... why does the Linux
> Netscape have the Increase Fonts and Decrease Fonts options grayed out under
> the view menu?  I've found these functions especially handy under Windows
> due to the high resolutions I use on relatively small monitors (darn
> employer won't buy good monitors... grumble, grumble...)  I'd love to see it
> under Linux too, specially since many of the fonts come out rather small in
> the first place.

Probably because on Windows systems a request can be made to size the
TrueType fonts, which are vector fonts.  A similar request can be made to
the server under X, but the fonts are usually bitmapped and don't scale
well.  Since TrueType are not supported by default, they probably just
leave these options out (although they may work on Solaris - I never
checked when I had a Solaris box).

Anyway, thats just a guess.
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