[lug] Lots of topics

winrip winrip at diac.com
Thu Nov 11 19:57:55 MST 1999

Ed Meyer wrote:

> 2) I'm assuming the Install Fest will occur at the same location as the mini expo last year and am I correct to think its on the 20th?

As far as I know it is the 20th.....

> 4) I've seen some really cool gnome screen shots with see through windows etc.  Where do you find xwindow schemes like that or instructions to do it myself?

I've been wondering the same thing.....

> 5) We're getting short on time, but has anyone tried to contact the Maximum Linux guys to see if they could send us some copies of their new magazine to hand out.  I think their website is www.maximumlinuxmag.com but I'm not sure.  I saw the first issue in my store the other day but when I went back they had already sold out.

Maximum Linux??? IMHO That rag is the most worthless piece of (please pardon) F@$%*&!  S$%# ever put on sale with the words Linux on it, and at eight bucks a whack no less.  Stick with Linux Journal or Linux Magazine, don't soil your hands with  Maximum Linux.  I thought hey cool a new Linux mag right on, but after buying it and
reading the contents I'm sorry I did. There's more advertising in the pages than even Linux Journal, plus they're reviewing stuff that's six months out of date, the format of the whole is hard to read, if their parent publication Maximum PC is anything like Maximum Linux I'd be glad to have never read it.  Sorry for the rant,
but I'm just really disappointed with that magazine.

> 6) My Red Hat bumper sticker is starting to curl after the summer heat.  Will there be replacements at the install fest?

I've got an extra I can bring if you want it.


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