[lug] XConfig and Exceed

Pedersen, Michael J PederMJ at LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM
Fri Nov 12 14:32:16 MST 1999

Well, I can give you some help on the Linux side of the equation, but dunno
Exceed to help there.  For linux, you don't have to configure anything.
When you login, type in the following line (assuming you're running bash):

export DISPLAY=hostname:0.0

And make sure that "hostname" is the name or ip address of the machine
running Exceed.  If it's always the same machine/ip address, you can even
pop that into your .profile, and you're ready to go.  No changes necessary
on the linux box.

FWIW, here's the breakdown of what that means:
export   : Set this environment variable so all apps can see it
DISPLAY  : the name of the environment variable to set
hostname : The name or ip address of the machine running the X server
0.0      : I forget which 0 means what, but one of them is used in a
multi-head configuration (more than one monitor). Setting that 0 to a
different number says which monitor should get the window.  The other one is
which X server, which is harder to explain.  Whether you realize it or not,
you can be running multiple X servers on your linux machine.  Setting that 0
to another number says which X server is actually responsible for the

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> I'm trying to get Exceed set up to run X with a RH5.2 client. 
> One reason 
> for doing this is, the display/monitor I have on my current 
> Linux box is 
> incapable of running X. And, for a variety of reasons, I need 
> to be running 
> Win98 most of the time on my "better" box. Can anyone give me 
> a pointer to 
> e-z setup instructions? I've never successfully configured X 
> on the Linux 
> box itself because of the limitations of my hardware. Every 
> time I try it, 
> it hangs solid.
> If anyone's run Exceed against RH5.2, could you share your secrets?
> -Mike
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