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Michael Deck deckm at cleansoft.com
Sat Nov 13 03:27:38 MST 1999

James, thanks. The first method got me running. The second did not (it's 
the one I'd been trying). It says "unable to connect to host using 
specified start method." thoughts? That seems like the "approved" way.

At 03:05 PM 11/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Well, Exceed isn't too hard, but there's a _lot_ of stuff you can do with
>it, so "setup" is a fairly relative term.  We use it heavilly here at work
>and I could probably give you a hand with anything you need to know.
>To start, you'll probably want just an xterm.  So here's a basic instruction
>on how to do that.  Later on, I could give ya some instructions on how to
>set Exceed up to do full XDMCP Query, but that relies on your Linux box
>being configured properly and probably exceeds the scope of emailing you
>OK... one of two ways to do this.  Depends on how lazy you want to be:
>1) More steps but more true to a Linux geeky way...
>--Launch the raw Exceed X Server on your Win98 box.  This can be done by
>going to Start-->Programs-->Exceed and clicking the plain old "Exceed" icon.
>---You will see a task appear in the task bar titled "Exeed", but it will
>appear to be doing nothing.  That's 'cause it's not.  :)  It's simply
>--Next... use the plain old Windows Telnet to telnet into your linux box.
>--At your shell prompt, type: DISPLAY=$REMOTEHOST':0.0'     (type that
>---That'll tell your linux box to display all X programs on your Win98 box.
>--Then, just type: xterm &
>---You should see an Xterm appear on your Win98 box.  You can, of course,
>run anything from there, or the telnet session and it'll display back on
>your 98 machine.  To make life easier in the future, you could add:
>DISPLAY=$REMOTEHOST':0.0'; export DISPLAY    to your .profile so the DISPLAY
>variable is set automatically when you login.
>2) Lazy Win98 way using Exceed's xstart program...
>--Go to Start-->Programs-->Exceed and click the xstart icon.  It'll pop up a
>window with some stuff you need to set.
>--In the "Start Method" field, select "Rlogin"
>--Leave the "Program Type" at "XWindow"
>--Fill in the UserID field with your Linux login
>--Put the Linux machine't hostname in the "Hostname" field
>--Put your password in the "Password" field
>--Don't worry about the "Host Type" field.  Exceed will figure it out and
>set itself accordingly... this is just for overriding it if you have
>--Fill the "Command" line field in with the following:  xterm -display @d
>--- Note: the @d is an Exceed specific variable.. it replaces that with your
>hostname and a :0.0 so the command looks like "xterm -display hostname:0.0"
>to the linux end
>--Click the "Run!" button on the file menu at the top to test it
>--The "Prompt" fields will allow you to set what kind of security you want
>to use... if you leave it at "None" it'll save your password with this file.
>If it's a home machine, this is probably cool, but at work... we sure as
>heck don't let people use this option.  If you select "Login Info" it'll
>remember the UserID (if you put one in) and prompt you for your password.
>If you select "Account Info" it'll prompt you for the hostname, UserID and
>--You can also click the "Show on the Client Startup Menu" box.
>---I recommend checking that box as it will allow you to launch the boring
>old Exceed Server, right click the icon in the tray, select Tools-->Client
>Startup and then select the session you just setup.  A bit quicker, in my
>opinion, that setting up a bunch of shortcuts on your desktop.  Specially if
>you have a million sessions defined like I do at work...
>Anywho, this should get you started.  Exceed has some perty neat
>capabilities, but it'd probably be advantageous to explore thos later and
>personally so as not to flood the group with conversation.
>Let me know if you have any more questions...
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>I'm trying to get Exceed set up to run X with a RH5.2 client. One reason
>for doing this is, the display/monitor I have on my current Linux box is
>incapable of running X. And, for a variety of reasons, I need to be running
>Win98 most of the time on my "better" box. Can anyone give me a pointer to
>e-z setup instructions? I've never successfully configured X on the Linux
>box itself because of the limitations of my hardware. Every time I try it,
>it hangs solid.
>If anyone's run Exceed against RH5.2, could you share your secrets?
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