[lug] XConfig and Exceed

Harris, James A (Jim) HarriJA at LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM
Fri Nov 12 15:41:14 MST 1999

Hemm, typically that message refers to a problem with the login method.  It
might be that Redhat disables rlogin by default, but I'd highly doubt it.
You could try using another connect method like rexec (doubt that'll work,
but try...), rsh or telnet.  You can select those by pulling down the "Start
Method" drop down list.

You might want to check your /etc/inetd.conf file on your linux box and make
sure the rlogin service is starting up.

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James, thanks. The first method got me running. The second did not (it's 
the one I'd been trying). It says "unable to connect to host using 
specified start method." thoughts? That seems like the "approved" way.

At 03:05 PM 11/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Well, Exceed isn't too hard, but there's a _lot_ of stuff you can do with
>it, so "setup" is a fairly relative term.  We use it heavilly here at work
>and I could probably give you a hand with anything you need to know.

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