[lug] XConfig and Exceed

Bruce Yelen byelen at csd.net
Fri Nov 12 19:28:12 MST 1999

If you could give a "quick" rundown on the configuration required on the
Linux side for XDMCP, I'd appreciate it.



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Well, Exceed isn't too hard, but there's a _lot_ of stuff you can do with
it, so "setup" is a fairly relative term.  We use it heavilly here at work
and I could probably give you a hand with anything you need to know.

To start, you'll probably want just an xterm.  So here's a basic instruction
on how to do that.  Later on, I could give ya some instructions on how to
set Exceed up to do full XDMCP Query, but that relies on your Linux box
being configured properly and probably exceeds the scope of emailing you


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