[lug] DSL service

Chris M chrism at peakpeak.com
Fri Nov 12 19:53:09 MST 1999

>I found out peakpeak uses megabit services... too bad...
>Megabit won't give me a line because I'm 800 feet too far away (12840 from
>Their Loss. I'm getting SDSL from lmi.net.

We are looking at adding other services.  You're *paying* more than 
you would for equivalent Megabit service.

 From a cost/benefit standpoint, most companies can't make money on 
DSL if they aren't mainstream as far as getting circuits. Covad right 
now makes it very restrictive to resell, which is all that they are 

Most people that are borderline on distance can test another US West 
number and find out they qualify. Megabit is opening new territory 
all the time.

We also have DSL in other locations....(coming soon) as well as 
nationwide dialup (they don't), and national/international roaming.

Peak to Peak Internet

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