[lug] DSL service

Chris M chrism at peakpeak.com
Fri Nov 12 20:52:12 MST 1999

>  Damn, I thought I had it bad with US West.
>(Gripe and moan -  You may want to skip this section)
>  My experiences were very similar, nonstop hassle with everything they
>setup.  It took me two months and 20-30 tech support calls trying to get
>them to do something.  When I finally decided I was paying way too much for
>crappy service, too many static IP's, worthless extra email accounts,  and
>the ability to waste my time for hours on end waiting for a competent tech
>support representative, they hit me with one final extra hidden charge just
>topping it off.   I asked to change my ISP and they charged me yet another
>$20.  I have wasted away hundreds of dollars on USWest and hours of time.

It's supposed to cost $45 to change :) Sounds like you had billing 
issues too :)

>After I finally switched to PrivateI/Interlink ( www.privatei.com ), I have
>had only two downtimes on my DSL .  Both times were not because my ISP was
>down but because USWests connection was down.  Surprise!.... Well, for the
>$20 this ISP charges I get two static IP's, a few email accounts, and
>direct support to a select few that know what they are talking about.  The
>256K service and I receive downloads at up to 57KB/Sec and usual ranges are
>between 10 and 50 depending on the site I am downloading from.  What a nice
>life it is with high speed internet access.  Its like crack, I stay hooked.
>  The world would be a better place if USWest crumbled to the ground.

No. US West.net is the evil here, not US West.  US West is a 
remarkably well-run company compared to some of the other companies 
out there.  ICG is the biggest bozo telco in the region, commanding 
the Darwin award for shittiest phone company impersonating a 
service-oriented organization.

Remember, you are using a US West circuit now, just not relying on 
the cloo-challenged USWest.net for an ISP.  That is why you get a 
choice, and why so many BLUG members use peakpeak.com

Peak to Peak Internet

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