[lug] DSL service

David Emile Lamy delamy at uswest.net
Sat Nov 13 00:10:56 MST 1999

This is not extol US West, but not to vilify it either.  I ordered 256K
MegaBit service from US West towards the end of August.  At the time,
there was a special in effect, a waiver of the setup fee and by ordering
online, the Cisco 675 was $50.  Further, I took the option of self

By specifying that I used an operating system other than Windows 9(58) or
NT, US West never tried sending me the Cisco 605 internal modem.  In fact,
I got a free ethernet card to boot as well.

For $18 a month I took the dynamic address from uswest.net.  The dedicated
256K MegaBit Deluxe service and digital line are $30 and $15 per month
respectfully.  All in all, for me, a good savings over using two phone
lines with dial-up access.  

For now, the service is far superior to my previous ISP.  The pop and news
servers are always up and the connection speed, while not blazing, is far
better than dial-up.

I would recommend avoiding the two hour time limit DSL service as there is
not a one-to-one modem ratio.  The Megabit Deluxe is only $10 more for
always on service.

I have never had an ISP whose service would earn a description of
"fabulous" from me, so perhaps this is why there are no dour words about
US West yet.  At least until my phone goes dead for a day.  Some of my
acquaintances do seem to get wretched telephone service from US West.

So, in conclusion, not everyone has a horror story about US West and

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