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Chris M chrism at peakpeak.com
Sun Nov 14 16:15:45 MST 1999

>At 08:04 PM 11/13/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>>Interesting how they can say no network outages, kinda like saying 
>>you invented a perpetual motion machine.
>>"Our integrated solution guarantees you'll access the Internet the 
>>first time and every time - with no busy signals or network 
>>Guaranteeing no network outages?  BS.
>	All that means is that they'll give you a refund for whatever 
>downtime they DO have.  It probably won't even be that much...

Uhh, no. IANAL.  But guaranteeing I'll access the Internet "every 
time" without mention of any disclaimer is binding.  Someone can have 
a lot of fun with this. That's what the USA is all about these days.

Providing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 100% uptime AND 
performance rebates is another matter entirely.  We do those all the 
time for key customers. It is nothing more than intent though, you 
can't guarantee anything unconditionally.

Peak to Peak Internet
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