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Mon Nov 15 07:40:18 MST 1999

Well, here's my problem with USWest. I'm getting my DSL through LMI.net.
$70/month 256k sDSL with one static/public IP. That includes ISP cost.

I have been monitoring Megabit for a long time and they haven't made any
progress into my area. When LMI net (My current dialup ISP) announced DSL
access here, I did the math.... 70 for DSL. $40 for a mobile phone vs. $96
for 2 phone lines and 20 for ISP.... hmmm 5x the bandwidth and 6 bucks
cheaper... with the additional befefit of not (directly) giveing UselessWest
another cent again. I spoke with LMI and confirmed that I don't have to have
a voiceline to get DSL (They have many customers doing what I want to do) So
I placed the order. They told me it would be about 3 weeks for Uswest to set
up the loop.

3 weeks later. I call to check up. After a day of phone tag with Covad, we
find out USWest hasn't set up the loop. They say it will be 3 more weeks... 

Tick-tock... 3 weeks later. USWest says the loop is up. I call and cancel my
phone service to go off in a week and by a mobile phone. Covad flies a
technician to my house to install the bridge. No loop is set up. (My phone
has not been shut off at this point. It has no relevance here, but will

Covad opens a trouble ticket with USWest and says it will probably be four
days. Three days from the point Covad opened the ticket, my phone
cancellation goes into effect.
US West in their infinite wisdom, without checking with me or Covad, cancels
the DSL loop request.
I call and raise hell, and now we're starting over. 2 weeks to go on the
'new' loop request.

I've been without internet access at home for 3 weeks now and have 2 more to
go... this is driving me insane... (It's a bear to setup a new linux box
without internet access to download additional apps.)

Life's bitter here....

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On Fri, Nov 12, 1999 at 04:56:48PM -0700, Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> Hmm?  When we had US West (the first month), it was $15/month for each
> /29 block of IPs (5 usable), and I seem to recall that you also had to
> have the "business plan" or whatever which included extra mailboxes
> and stuff.  That cost an extra $25/month, for a total of $40 per
> month for a static IP.

Well, here's how the breakdown worked (IMO):
$30 = ADSL line
$20? = US West ISP
$25= Business Package
$15 = IP addresses

So, total cost was about $100 (and, they told me I had to have all that in
order to get static IP's).

Front Range:
$30 = ADSL line
$25 = FRII ISP
$5 = IP addresses

Savings of $30/month.  FRII was a better choice.  But, you also have to be
explicit about what you want from them in order to make it work.

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