[lug] I just discovered StarOffice 5.1

Bruce Yelen byelen at atlas.csd.net
Mon Nov 15 07:58:23 MST 1999

We've found StarOffice to be reasonably good.  While it doesn't have the
full functionality of suit like Lotus or MSOffice, it's good for normal
day-to-day word-processing, spreadsheets, etc.  It can't handle some of
the "heavy-duty" publishing stiff that the others can do.  If you need to
exchange documents between platforms, we've had no problems exchanging
between the Solaris, Linux, or Windows versions of StarOffice.  I've also
had reasonable success in porting a Star Office document to MS.  My only
complaint, is that the Windows version of StarOffice is a bit flakey.  I
can almost depend on it causing an interrupt on Win NT when you exit it.



On Sun, 14 Nov 1999 cstpierre at gilead.com wrote:

> I found StarOffice 5.1 on Sun's site ( http://www.sun.com/staroffice ) and
> wanted to know what fellow Linux users think of it.  Are there any issues
> with the internet browser?  My brief testing of the product left me fairly
> impressed.  I downloaded it for both RedHat 6.1 running Gnome and the
> Microsoft version, its running on Win98.
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