[lug] Linux FileServer Problems

Michael Deck deckm at cleansoft.com
Tue Nov 16 02:16:10 MST 1999

At 02:08 PM 11/15/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >>>>> "Michael" == "Pedersen, Michael J" <PederMJ at LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM> 
> writes:
>Michael> Okay, that's exactly what should have been
>Michael> done. Unfortunately, it didn't fix it.  Use the mbr restore
>Michael> utility from KRUD, and see if that can get rid of it.
>Michael> Unfortunately, I've never found out how to make lilo write a
>Michael> fresh mbr, so can't help you there.
>It should write a fresh one everytime you run lilo...
>It also makes a saved copy of the old MBR in (typically)
>/boot/boot.NNNN (where NNNN is the device number).
>You can thus restore the old MBR (before lilo ran) with a:
>dd if=/boot/boot.0300 of=/dev/hda bs=446 count=1
>That doesn't sound like the problem here, unless lilo installed only
>onto a partition and not the MBR on that drive? Which did you specify?

Tried both. I had a full weekend :) with probably 6 or 7 full installs...

>Since you aren't even seeing a lilo prompt, it's not getting to the
>point where it can read the MBR.
>I would play with bios options, and also move the drive to master
>(hda) and see if that helps.

Thanks. I'm unfortunately running a longish job on another machine that 
depends on the windoze drives being mounted, so I can't try all of these 
excellent suggestions for an hour or so :(

Michael Deck
Cleanroom Software Engineering, Inc.   
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