[lug] IRQ"s and LINUX

David Willcox acesouth at frii.com
Mon Nov 15 15:10:01 MST 1999

Does anyone happen to know what IRQ's a mouse can be set at in linux besides
ttyS0, ttyS1 because I need COM1 for a Multiport Digiboard and COM2 for a
Modem. Now during install what should I select for a serial mouse or would you
suggest a bus mouse?

Also while were Not on the subject what would be the best Backup Device I
could use with Linux 5.0 - Linux 6.1 for stoarage for 200MB for some installs and
400MB for others but I would like to try to stay with the same device for multiple
business installs. I like the 'tar' command for years in Xenix. Do you think I would
be jumping in to soon for a Burner or are thay hard to get installed. I don't have a
lot of time, about 45 days for 9 installs.

Thanks for any of your help,

Dave Willcox :-)

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