[lug] Linux FileServer Problems

winrip winrip at bwn.net
Mon Nov 15 15:54:46 MST 1999

Carl.Wagner at Level3.com wrote:

> Is your Linux partition the "active" partition?  I would assume that fdisk
> would complain if you did not
> have a active partition and exited.

I'd have to agree on that, make sure you have the partition labeled active or
boot fdisk or cfdisk should do the trick.

And if you or anyone else needs to wipe out a MBR , actually it takes out the
first three sectors of a drive, I have an assembly script that will do nicely.
you'll need a DOS boot disk and Debug on it, but I used to use it when I
needed to wipe out the FAT and partition tables. just reply here or to my
email addy, and I'll get it typed up.


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