[lug] tmp directory size question...

Harris, James A (Jim) HarriJA at LOUISVILLE.STORTEK.COM
Wed Nov 17 08:41:43 MST 1999

> Hi all -
> I've got an odd question.  Would I cause problems for my system if I
> mounted /tmp to a different physical disk or partition than /?  When I
> rebuilt my machine recently I gave / about 100MB.  During my normal daily
> operation this is more than plenty for the system to run, however, I
> forgot that many larger programs like to use a lot of /tmp when they're
> installing.  (Suck as VMWare and StarOffice.)  Because of the smaller size
> of /, I've been filling this partition and have been unable to get these
> two running because of the lack of usable /tmp space.
> I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't freak the system out before doing
> this.  Any opinions would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> James Harris
> EDS PC Deskside Systems Administrator / StorageTek Account
> Phone:  303.661.8763  /  Fax:  303.661.4905
> Email:  HarriJA at louisville.stortek.com

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