[lug] Terra Soft / Yellow Dog

Brian J. Ketelsen briank at becos.org
Fri Nov 19 13:21:16 MST 1999

I just got back from my lunchtime Loveland trek where I met the gang at
Terra Soft.  (You know the nice folks that bring us Yellow Dog Linux for

They were kind enough to give me handfulls of bumper stickers, some
literature, some very nice YDL binders to put that literature in and a mouse
pad for the Installfest.

Since I was up there and all, I went ahead and bought an official
distribution set of Champion Server 1.1, a T-Shirt and a Mouse Pad for
myself.  Doing my part to support open source, you know.

They were also quite excited about their new arrival, a PowerMac G4 - 450
"Sawtooth" system.  Somebody always has to have a system faster than mine...

See you all tomorrow.

Brian Ketelsen
briank at becos.org

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