[lug] /bin/mail replacement with ~a feature ???

Stephen Coffin scoffin at netcom.com
Sun Nov 21 18:53:51 MST 1999

"/bin/mail" in RedHat 6.x apparently does not support signature
lines (~a).  Somewhere in the past I picked up a version of
/bin/mail that has this feature, but otherwise is very similar
to /bin/mail or mailx as it is also called (but not like the
AT&T program named "mailx" :-(  Over several years, I forgot
to back this alternative mailer, and now it is lost.
Anyone have any idea what mail program I am talking about?
Or where to find it now?  Source code or binary ok, if it works
with RedHat 6.x....

Thanks for your comments....

ps= please do not tell me to use pine, elm, mutt, xmail,
netscape or any other "advanced" mailer.  Thanks!

pps= SunOS and Solaris /bin/mail both do what I want :-)

				GV Computing
				scoffin at netcom.com

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