[lug] ZIP DRIVE and tar

David Willcox acesouth at frii.com
Mon Dec 27 14:02:36 MST 1999

I have a Zip Iomega 250mb drive that I'm trying to backup to with the tar command.
I have done the following:

mkfs -t ext2 /dev/sda4

Then I mounted it  -> mount -t ext2 /dev/sda4
Then I did a cd to the mount dir '/mnt/zip'

tar cvfPp /dev/sda4 /(path)

and then when it was done . I did a read  with tar on the backup and it was fine.
But after I unounted it I was not able to remount it something about wrong fstyoe
or bad super block. I tried a 'fsck /dev/sda4' and that was a nightmare. Does
anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks ahead,

David Willcox :-)

PS. I'm running Suse 6.3 and really like it so far.....

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