[lug] ZIP DRIVE and tar

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Mon Dec 27 17:32:58 MST 1999

> David Willcox wrote:
> or bad super block. I tried a 'fsck /dev/sda4' and that was a nightmare. Does
> anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


You wrote the tar file to the partition itself (a "raw write"), not to a file
IN that partition.

What you wanted (IF you wanted to be able to mount the disk) was (after

tar cvfPp /mnt/zip/save.tar /(path)

Actually, the tarred files are still on the disk - they're just not mountable. 
If you DIDN'T make any changes with fsck, you should be able to retrieve the
files with:

tar xf /dev/sda4 


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