[lug] printing A4 postscript files

Trent Jarvi trentjarvi at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 27 22:37:09 MST 1999

I'm sure you can do this with the psutil package.  It
may be ps-util.   I never used rpm packages for
psutils or sgml tools.   I'm sure they are better now.
 pstops and psbook accect -pA4 as an option.

Hopefully someone thats used it in the last 12 months
can provide more info.  psbook is very nice for
printing two up book formats.  Now that memory is
cheap and monitors are large, I dont print anything.

Trent Jarvi
trentjarvi at yahoo.com

--- Arlan Ramsay <ramsay at euclid.Colorado.EDU> wrote:
> I am sure I have seen lately some way to print a
> postscript file
> intended to be printed on the A4 size paper on what
> we call letter
> paper instead.  Does anyone know how to do it?
> Thanks,
> Arlan Ramsay
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