[lug] Filename star

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Tue Dec 28 19:49:21 MST 1999

It seems very odd that someone would create a file named that if their
intentions were good.  In any case you can escape the character and
allow it to be a regular character rather than a meta.


rm \* 

would have removed the file named "*"

> I have noticied a meta character named file in the root's home directory and another user's
> home directory. They were created on December 23rd. The file ownership permissions are
> perfectly normal. The dreaded meta-character is '*'.
> To remove this I did,
> $ rm -i *
> and got rid of it. I cannot imagine doing,
> $ rm *
> I don't know how this file got created. What is the best way to trace the creation
> of such files? I want to know the process that is creating it. External login is impossible
> to this box. It has to be one of the several tools I have downloaded and compiled.
> How do you search for files, with meta characters as their names?
> Any tips, ideas and experiences appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.
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