[lug] Off topic-Flashcom DSL??

Moore, Kevin L klmoore at ball.com
Wed Dec 29 09:00:19 MST 1999

Neal, thanks for your input. I went to speakeasy.net, and it sounded like
the ideal thing for me until I found out their prices. They use Covad, and
so they quoted me the same prices as Covad. Because I am ~16k ft. from my CO
(I'm in N. Boulder), I only qualify for 144k sdsl, and the Speakeasy/Covad
quote is for ~550.00 setup/equipment and 79.95 a month in fees. For 144k
sdsl Flashcom quoted me 69.95 a month, free setup, free equipment, free
first month w/ contract. Soooo do I want to risk the @#$%&*! service for a
lower price, pay a premium, or wait and see? I'm SO CONFUSED!....Kevin

Systems Administrator
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Boulder, Colorado

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> On Dec 28, 10:31, Moore, Kevin L <klmoore at ball.com> wrote:
> > 	Just found out that Flashcom can give me sdsl at a 
> reasonable price
> > after US West couldn't do it at all, and Covad wanted an 
> arm and a leg for
> > it. Does anybody have any experience with these guys? If so, care to
> > enlighten me? Thanks.....Kevin
> Thanks for the heads-up.
> First - a great resource is
> 	http://DSLReports.com/
> They consolidate availability information from many services, estimate

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