[lug] SQL Server

Kyle Moore kmoore at trustamerica.com
Wed Dec 29 11:31:55 MST 1999

I'm looking for ammo.

We are just starting to use the web in a big way and there is a move to
use SQL Server on NT. One of our companies was using SQL Server when we
bought them and some of our programmers are in love with Microsoft and
VB so the default database just sort of happened. I was wondering if
anyone has seen a page on the web somewhere that would give reasons
other choices would be better. The biggest drawback to SQL Server in my
opinion is that it only runs on NT. At least the people that want to use
ColdFusion aren't locking us into NT.

The database that our corporate data sits on is Universe. I know, nobody
has ever heard of it. It is actually a great database...legacy style but
can handle some heavy stuff. Thank god all of this is on UNIX. We also
use MySQL for a few small web apps I have written for internal use and
our web-based Helpdesk runs on it too.

I would just like to prevent us becoming too locked into products that
only run on one platform. I prefer solutions to run on any platform we
have. I know SQL pretty well but don't know enough about SQL Server to
be able to confidently point out shotcomings.



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