[lug] RH Performance Question

Mark Aardsma Mark.A.Aardsma at moody.edu
Wed Dec 29 12:11:26 MST 1999

Hi All,

	I am running RedHat 6.0 on an i586 with 16MB or ram and 128 MB swap space.
I am not running a window manager or any graphical anything. I am using it
as a web server and for C++ development. The problem I have is that
performance gradually deteriorates over time until I reboot the server. It
takes about 5 days for it to become noticeable. I have been watching free
memory and that sort of thing in top but it has not provided a whole lot of
insight. The most resource intensive things I do are compiling with g++ and
especially debugging with gdb. What can I do to avoid having to reboot the
server every few days in order to maintain performance?


Mark Aardsma

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