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Bruce Yelen byelen at atlas.csd.net
Wed Dec 29 12:32:07 MST 1999

I'd suggest looking at Sybase.  Adaptive Server Enterprise is the
"heavy-duty" offering (available for NT, Solaris, etc).  A more
lightweight database would be Adaptive Server Anywhere.  Take a look at
their website "WWW.SYBASE.COM"

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Kyle Moore wrote:

> I'm looking for ammo.
> We are just starting to use the web in a big way and there is a move to
> use SQL Server on NT. One of our companies was using SQL Server when we
> bought them and some of our programmers are in love with Microsoft and
> VB so the default database just sort of happened. I was wondering if
> anyone has seen a page on the web somewhere that would give reasons
> other choices would be better. The biggest drawback to SQL Server in my
> opinion is that it only runs on NT. At least the people that want to use
> ColdFusion aren't locking us into NT.
> The database that our corporate data sits on is Universe. I know, nobody
> has ever heard of it. It is actually a great database...legacy style but
> can handle some heavy stuff. Thank god all of this is on UNIX. We also
> use MySQL for a few small web apps I have written for internal use and
> our web-based Helpdesk runs on it too.
> I would just like to prevent us becoming too locked into products that
> only run on one platform. I prefer solutions to run on any platform we
> have. I know SQL pretty well but don't know enough about SQL Server to
> be able to confidently point out shotcomings.
> Thanks.
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