[lug] RH Performance Question

Elizabeth O. Coolbaugh cool at eklektix.com
Wed Dec 29 12:33:46 MST 1999

In my personal experience, the 6.0 to 6.1 upgrade has been pretty
painless.  All your configuration files are either left untouched, or,
if updates are required, the originals are saved with a .rpmsave
suffix.  Run a find for *.rpmsave files under /etc to look for
configuration files that might have been moved out of the way and
possibly need to be merged with the newer versions.

Upgrading the kernel can either be done via installing new .rpm
files (though that has caused me trouble before) or by downloading
the source and recompiling.  Someone else can possibly give you
better tips on resources for that.

Overall, though, if you have never upgraded a kernel before, you might
find the upgrade easier :-).


> Thanks for the info! How much of my system configuration can I preserve in
> an upgrade to 6.1? How do I go about upgrading the kernel, I think that is
> the route I would like to take. Do I merely replace a vmlinuz file somewhere? 
> Thanks again,
> Mark Aardsma
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