[lug] Off topic-Flashcom DSL??

Neal McBurnett nealmcb at lucent.com
Wed Dec 29 15:56:28 MST 1999

> > First - a great resource is
> > 	http://DSLReports.com/
> > They consolidate availability information from many services, estimate

I found out that speakeasy funnels all of their traffic from here thru
Seattle via ATM, and my test pings to sample Colorado customers
(speakeasy told me of two customer ip addresses) indicate latency of
180 to 210 ms to get from my favorite site (bcn.boulder.co.us) to
there.  Getting slow for some purposes....

Everything else about them looks good.  So my next question is, do any
of the other sites listed on the DSLReports DSL list for Boulder have
switches in Colorado and/or lower latency for my purposes?  (e.g. for
ssh keystrokes to bcn, or thru my VPN).  Yeah - I know routes can
change, etc. etc.

It would be great to collect a set of customer ip addresses for each
ISP, so we could each do ping/traceroute tests from our favorite
servers.  I don't want to publish the ones I just got without checking
if it ok with them, though....


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