[lug] Handing off e-mail

Ernie Suarez ernies at megsinet.net
Wed Dec 29 18:44:32 MST 1999

Hello all!

I'm using linux 6.0 and am in need of a bit of assistance.

One of our clients, who has there domain on our server have thier own mail
server.  I need to configure our system so it sends all their mail to thier
server, which is not located at our facility, regardless of what name they

user1 at thierdomain.com
user2 at thierdomain.com

should be delivered to

and so on..........

This worked quite some time ago, when we had an older version of linux, but
now for it to send mail to them, I must add each of thier user names to our
system, or it will not be delivered.

In the past they added the names themselves (to thier mail server) and all
was good.  Also i'm finding mail occasionally bouncing back as undeliverable
on one of the names they use.  They do not have a dedicated connection to
us, but that was not a problem before.

Thanks in advance for any info on this problem.


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