[lug] Getting hacked through Samba?

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Thu Dec 30 10:21:17 MST 1999

Chip Atkinson wrote:
> I was going through /var/log and noticed an interesting file.  It was
> samba-log.ralph and samba-log.starwolf.  The thing is that there are no
> machines with the names ralph or starwolf on my network.  The date of the

> Any ideas or suggestions?

IANASG (I am not a Samba guru), but that sounds like it could have been
someone's attempt to sniff out system info (machine and share names) via Samba.

What sort of Internet connection do you have? Are you blocking ports 137, 138
and 139 on that connection?  That should stop outside attempts to mess with
those posrt.

Calvin Dodge
Certified Linux Bigot

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