[lug] cdr & block special question

Charles Morrison cmorrison at info2000.net
Thu Dec 30 15:06:12 MST 1999

I (very) recently set up an ATAPI CD writer and am pleased to report that I got
the thing working using xcdroast. Of course, in the process I broke all sorts of
CD related programs that rely on /dev/cdrom. 

To do a quick summary, I used to have the CDRom drive on /dev/hdb. Now
technically it's still there, but since it needs to use the ide-scsi module and
scsi emulation, it is now accessed as /dev/sg0 and not available as /dev/hdb or
/dev/cdrom any longer. 

My solution to this problem is to change all references of /dev/hdb to
/dev/sg0 (done that, works fine) and delete /dev/cdrom and replace it with a
symlink to /dev/sg0. What is making me take a quick little pause, is that
/dev/cdrom is a block device and not a symlink like I expected. 

Chuck Morrison
Sr. Systems Engineer
VA Linux Systems - Denver

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