[lug] CD writer and player ?

Charles Morrison cmorrison at info2000.net
Fri Dec 31 09:37:25 MST 1999

Thanks Doug,
I'll check that out. I may remember wrong (it was yesterday I was playing with
this) but I'm pretty sure the device being used is /dev/sg0, which is a link to
/dev/sga. When I link /dev/cdrom to either one of these I get a "not a block
device" error. I'll double check and see if there is a scdx block device there.

I recall reading your posting, although I didn't have this beast then. I'll
double check it too.

On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, you wrote:
> I did this last summer for RedHat 6.0. With SCSI emulation, I also compiled
> the
> kernel to not support IDE cdroms. The device came out to be /dev/scd0, etc.
> I just linked /dev/cdrom to the appropriate scdx and left it at that.
> Xcdroast works fine, my mount device icons under Enlightnment work fine with
> the /dev/scdx devices and the cd players under Gnome and KDE work fine
> when changed to /dev/scdx devices.
> I posted to this group how to build the kernel a few months ago. You might
> check
> the archives.
> Hope this is "enlightening"... :-)
> Doug Bonnell
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> > Greetings,
> > I finally set up my new cdwriter so I can use it with xcdroast. I
> > discovered
> > that this breaks several other programs that read the CD. What it seems to
> > amount to is that the /dev/cdrom is no longer accurate. originally it
> > refered
> > to /dev/hdb. If I boot without scsi emulation and ide-scsi loaded, this
> > still
> > works, but I can't burn CDs.
> > 
> > I wonder if it's possible to have it all ? both a cdwriter and a regular
> > cdrom/music type functionality from one CDR drive at the same time. Has
> > anyone
> > succeeded in doing this?
> > 
> > Chuck

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