[lug] CD writer and player ?

Bonnell, Doug DBonnell at BreeceHill.com
Fri Dec 31 10:04:37 MST 1999

The "sgX" devices are the generic SCSI devices. This is starting to come
to me now. You want the kernel compiled with SCSI CDROM support. The kernel
config options were:

	In the Floppy, IDE and other block devices section:
		Enable SCSI Emulation
	In the SCSI support section:
		Enable SCSI Support
		Enable SCSI CDROM 
		Enable SCSI Generic
	In the Filesystems section:
		Enable ISO9660 CDROM filesystem support

At one point in time, there was a bug in the generic SCSI module, so it was
recommended to always compile the kernel with generic SCSI in the kernel.
I'm using the sg module on RedHat 6.0, so things are better now (maybe?).

The generic devices behave in a rather odd manner. They tend to drop out at
times after the initial device scan ( might have been on RedHat 5.2 ).

The ioctl setup for setting a global TIMEOUT on commands for generic only
affects commands issued as read/write packets. This timeout doesn't apply
to other commands issued using the ioctl interface. This made for some
interesting behaviour when I had a target that needed to be away for more
a minute ( or whatever the default is set to ).

Doug Bonnell

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> Thanks Doug,
> I'll check that out. I may remember wrong (it was yesterday I was playing
> with
> this) but I'm pretty sure the device being used is /dev/sg0, which is a
> link to
> /dev/sga. When I link /dev/cdrom to either one of these I get a "not a
> block
> device" error. I'll double check and see if there is a scdx block device
> there.
> I recall reading your posting, although I didn't have this beast then.
> I'll
> double check it too.

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