[lug] Solaris & Linux

Kyle Moore kmoore at trustamerica.com
Sat Jan 1 11:29:52 MST 2000

I don't know about all of you but I'm working for a few hours today. All
the systems checked out to my satisfaction but I have to let the users
test the apps before I can blow out of here.

I'm interested in some opinions on how different Solaris is from Linux.
I am considering buying a Solaris box if they are drastically different
just to get some experience with them. I currently use Linux and HP-UX
and have used AIX in the past a bit. I'm looking at future career growth
and from what I see more companies that I'm interested in (internet and
"hip" startups) use Linux for small-medium stuff and Solaris for
medium-large stuff. A lot of companies use HP-UX but I already have that

Do you think I need to bother digging into Solaris or do companies look
more for general UNIX experience? If so...is Solaris for Intel just like
the original? 

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