[lug] Solaris & Linux

Brian Ketelsen briank at becos.org
Sat Jan 1 11:44:28 MST 2000

I installed Solaris/x86 over the weekend and as far as I can tell it is just
like the 'real thing'.  Unfortunately, it didn't have any real drivers for
my video card (Riva TNT), so I had to settle for vga and the tulip drivers
didn't work on my Linksys card.  So Solaris/x86 went away.  There are few to
no drivers available out there for Intel hardware, so check the HCL on Sun's
site carefully before you install.  BTW, they will send you Solaris/x86 for
something like $10.00 if you look around carefully on their site.

> Do you think I need to bother digging into Solaris or do companies look
> more for general UNIX experience? If so...is Solaris for Intel just like
> the original?


Brian Ketelsen
briank at becos.org

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