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llornkcor llornkcor at llornkcor.com
Sat Jan 1 16:12:53 MST 2000

On Sat, 01 Jan 2000, you wrote:
> Interesting date for this message.  If I wouldn't know better then I would
> suspect that tummy.com's server was bit by a famous bug!

On that subject, I have an old Packard Bell laptop (386), and an old 486 that
have old bios' (PB from 1992) and dos on them (486 is dual bootable- linux),
when I booted them up today, the date was- the ole dos entry date- January 4,
1980 soon replaced with date 01-01-2000
and seems to work, don't know about tomorrow, tho. 
The main machine here, I wasn't even worried about at all.

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