[lug] Re: Darwin on a G4

Jamie Orchard-Hays jamie at dang.com
Wed Dec 29 08:20:45 MST 1999

No, but I know that OS X Server doesn't work on G4s yet, so I assume that 
Darwin doesn't either. I expect a new OS X Server next week at MacWorld. 
Who knows about Darwin.


At 08:09 AM 12/29/99 -0700, Brian J. Ketelsen wrote:
>I downloaded and attempted installation of Darwin last night, and after much
>banging of the forehead against the keyboard I gave up trying to boot it.  I
>could find nothing that said Darwin wouldn't boot on a "Yikes" G4, so I'm
>not sure what's going on.
>Does anyone have any experience with Darwin (G4 or not)?
>Brian Ketelsen

Jamie Orchard-Hays
jamie at dang.com

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