[lug] SQL Server

Tony Dyson the_anorak at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 31 08:25:19 MST 1999

Andrew Gilmore wrote:
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't (Microsoft) SQL Server an offshoot of
> Sybase?

Apparently 6.5 grew out of Sybase. M$ like to say that 7.0 has been
completely re-written. Major difference is that 7.0 mostly tunes itself.

There is a major memory leak somewhere in the
NT/ColdFusion>>ODBC>>NT/SQL7 chain. Its been a regular topic in CF
online discussions for the last couple of years! No one seems to know
how to fix it (or if they do, they're not making the knowledge public).
Don't expect this combination to run for more than a few days without

I've heard rumours that NT/SQL7 can be made stable. Maybe if its being
run on high-end, 100% M$ certified kit & its *very* carefully set up...

You should be aware that after 4 years M$ are still releasing BIG
bug-fix/security upgrades for NT4. SP6a appeared a few weeks back (@
34Mb), & the first post-SP6a "Hotfixes" have already been released. This
doesn't inspire me with confidence; you draw your own conclusions.

Tony Dyson
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