[lug] Console video?

socket at peakpeak.com socket at peakpeak.com
Mon Jan 17 18:15:54 MST 2000

After spending a while cruising around and not quite finding what I'm
looking for, I finally decided it'd be worth asking here...

Does anyone know of a non-X image viewer?  I have a 486 laptop that I
use for taking notes in class and writing papers, is very limited on
hard drive space (thus, no X) and have been wondering if there's a way
I could view a VGA image (gif, jpeg) on console.  It's running an
ancient slackware system and I'm running 2.0.36, but I suppose I could
go to a newer 2.2 system if I had to use framebuffer... I'd like to
avoid that if I can, since I have 8 megs of real memory on it...
Maybe something based on svgalib would suffice, but that seems
excessive, since my laptop is really limited to the most basic VGA
256-shades-of-grey.  svgalib doesn't seem to be used for much.


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